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Hot cam girls with sexy feet on cam

Hot sexy feet, horny toe sucking and foot jobs? Sound like something you want to see? Then come on into our live foot fetish webcam shows and watch hot women rub their feet, lick their soles, play with their ankles and smother you with foot domination.

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Hot Feet Fetish Webcam Chats – Foot Domination – feet humiliation

Every male slave at some point while serving a dominant female is required to perform foot worship duties. It is the best and most obvious way for a superior female to exert her power over the lesser male and also to demonstrate the power shift to leave both of them on no doubt what so ever as to who is in charge and who calls the shots.

Kneeling naked on the floor, you hear her footsteps approach and then she is in front of you. Pulling up a chair, she sits down and slowly removes her boots. Placing her feet in front of you, she waits a few seconds for you to take in the delicious sight of her feet and perfectly manicured toes. Wiggling them, she knows full well she is driving you insane with lust and that her tootsies turn you on. See more of our femdom cams here

Then she orders you to begin worshipping them and adoring them. Bowing your head down, you pucker up and begin planting kisses on her delicate skin. You can feel her above you watching as you shake with anticipation and worship every inch of her foot. Kissing all over the top from her toes to her ankles and back again.

She Teases you with her sexy feet on webcam

Then she waves the other one at you and you switch sides, doing the same to her other foot. After she is satisfied you have shown enough respect, she will lift it up so it is rolling on her heel and then have you lick her dirty soles. All the way from her toes to her heel and in the arch, she will make you cover every inch of skin on her under the sole. She will of course not make this easy for you.

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Your face will be scraping the floor as you struggle to reach her skin and you will have your tongue extended fully to make sure you reach every part of it.
Then depending on her mood, she might have you suck her toes. Having a slave perform toe sucking is amusing to a dominatrix as it looks like you are giving a blow job and this is humiliating for you, therefore highly amusing to them!

Beginning with her big toe, you open your mouth and take it in there, gently sucking on it and running your tongue along with it. Removing it and then putting it back in your mouth, she will coo with pleasure if you are doing a good job.

Repeating this with each toe, you will be down there for as long as it takes but if you have a foot fetish (as almost every male submissive has) then you will be enjoying every second of it and you will consider it the honour It is to be allowed to worship her feet.

There are dozens of Dommes online who all love foot worship cams. To dangle their feet up close to the webcam as a male slave stares at them with his mouth open and tells him how much he adores them and wants to kiss hem and suck her toes. Watching as she runs her hands down her legs and then rubs the top of her foot and slides her fingers between her toes. Pouring baby oil or lotion over them, she will get them all wet and slippery so they shine in the light and get your cock rock hard.

Any online dominatrix can give you a foot worship webcam session that will take you the highest peaks of ecstasy and will fulfil every fantasy like you never thought possible. There is no end to the dominant females online who are available right now to satisfy your desires so log on and get ready to serve a superior female.

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Foot Fetish Chat

The Best Fetish Chat Rooms Online

We have some of the very best fetish webcam rooms online. No matter what your fetish or desire one of our kinky open minded cam girls is only too ready to carry it out for you as you sit back, relax and instruct them.


Foot Fetish Section

Foot Fetish section to find sexy foot job action. The sensuous curves of a woman’s feet are unparalleled and the image of a perfect, slender ankle will make you weak in the knees. Imagine a beautiful arch and tender sole caressing your cock until those tender tootsies are covered in sticky jizz. You’ll cum back over and over again for more sexy foot action.

You’ll be curling your toes in no time when you check out Nylon Feet Line. There’s a very diverse mix of content here, but all of it features sexy broads in sheer nylons. You can the gorgeous models out by themselves, with a sexy female friend, or even giving some lucky bastard the footjob of a lifetime. You’ll want to go one step over the line when you check out the great-quality videos and crisp, glamour style images.

These are not just beautiful feet, these are Exquisite Feet. This is the website of the equally exquisite Brittany Andrews. The sexy sluts assembled on this site engage in jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, foot fetish action. Watch a couple of blondes sucking on Mistress Rhiannon’s toes, or enjoy downloadable videos featuring foot job gangbangs or trampling. A good pick for the true foot fetish enthusiast.

This site will make you whip yourself into a Feet Frenzy. So far, there are 20 episodes of footjob action. The foot fetish aspect does tend to take a bit of a backseat, but it’s still hot, hardcore action with some nice cum splashes on some beautiful feet. There are lots of bonuses included with membership, including about 26 full-access bonus sites.

We Do Footjobs according to Mistress Tracy isn’t just about cum-covered toes or sperm coated soles, it does a decent job of showing off those fornicating footsies even before they’re wrapped around some lucky fellow’s cock. It may be a little short on the main content, but it offers about another dozen niches to check out as well.

I do have a slight confession to make that I should have done a long time ago. The reason why I don’t always understand the foot fetish thing is that I have the world’s ugliest feet. I know, I know, sites such as this one are about lovely lady’s feet, so it shouldn’t matter what my own look like. However, unlike some folks, I’m never attracted to the perfect traits of another, if they mirror my own faults tenfold.

Cruel Mistress Kiana is waiting to make your life a misery, from whipping, foot crush, and using her feet to kick you hard in the balls, Mistress Kiana knows exactly how to make your world crumble and have you obeying her every word

I’ve had my toes sucked and it does feel incredible, but I’m always squeamish about anyone going there. I have one toenail that has been a mess for over three years because I dropped a giant can of coffee on it in the grocery store once. My heels are rather narrow, while my toes look like fingers and are spread too wide apart. I rather think my feet resemble a bird’s.

Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest, since when I see a site dedicated to footjobs, I feel like a fool that my own insecurity holds me back. I mean I know how good it would feel to stick my toes into a nice moist vagina, but I just don’t think I could subject any poor girl to my disfigured hoofers.

I suppose I should just relax and enjoy the porn since there are loads of things one sees on porn sites that you might never experience in real-life despite getting turned on by it. Nevertheless, maybe there’s hope, at least if I ever win the lottery. It seems that I’m not the only person self-conscious about unappealing feet.

Even two years ago, according to the CBS News’ The Early Show (05/20/05) more and more people have been opting for cosmetic foot surgery. Some women especially do things such as having Restylane injected into the balls of their feet to help cushion the blow of wearing high heels. While others have hammertoes fixed, or their second toe shortened to even out the length of their toes.

It sounds like the solution I’ve been looking for, but there’s just one catch. Some surgeons botch the work and then patients might not even be able to walk without extensive corrective follow-up surgeries. The pain of ugly feet seems less important if being vain leaves you immobile I’d say

You can also check out the cock and ball torture section where we show you how we use our feet to control and abuse our pathetic slaves.

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