Sissy Humiliation

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Sissy Humiliation

Sissy girls, cock suckers and cum eating sluts

Prissy sissy girls need to be humiliated, degraded and belittled and we have the very thing for them. Are you a sissy that needs to be pimped out by Mistress? Are you a whore that loves and craves cock? Then enter our live chat rooms below and submit to your Mistress/owner and start your journey into cock sucking, cum eating lessons.

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One thing all sissys must endure is a good dose of humiliation. From being made to flash their panties to being forced to curtsey when Mistress invites her friends over, the list is endless but by humiliating her sissy, any dominant female can exert her power over them and ensure they always remember their place. However, there is one form of humiliation that almost all sissies dread. Being made to suck a real cock.

The sissy Blow Job Queens

After starting off small, they have been spending hours practising their blow job techniques on dildos then moving on to Mistresses strap on training. Eventually, the powerful woman will decide that sissy is ready for the real thing. When that time comes, you need to be ready to receive a big dick in your mouth and suck it till it cums. The blow job queens

Lots of Mistresses will use a shemale dick for their sissy cock sucking humiliation. They feel there is an added sense of shame in being on their knees with a superior female in front of them who also happens to have a huge cock. To be under the control of a female who can make you suck real dick and lick real live balls is extremely humiliating. The live femdom cams have mean bitches who enjoy training cum dumps like you. Make sure to keep up to date with our humiliation cams page where we have live cams, pictures and information on how we enjoy abusing and degrading our slaves and sissy bitches

Not that these dominant females care of course. To them, you are nothing more than a piece of fuck meat. They have been training you all this time leading up to this moment. All the practise, the hours and hours of sucking on dildos and strap ons till your jaw ached have led to this moment now.

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Where you wait on your knees for the arrival of a transsexual Mistress with a 12-inch rock hard dick that she is going to ram in your mouth and fuck your face till you choke on it.
As your Tgirl Domme walks to you, she will order you to look up at her.

Is Sissy Ready for the Strapon? – Ass Humiliation

Her scowl and sadistic smirk will cause your heart to pound. You will be sweating in your sissy dress and stockings but she will order you to watch as she strips off and reveals her big 12-inch penis, all erect, purple and throbbing. Grabbing you by the hair, they will pull your head in close to their throbbing member. The smell of sweat and pre-cum will hit your nostrils before she guides her penis into your open mouth. As it fills you and hits the back of your throat you will gag.

While still holding on to your hair, she will begin to pound on your face. Thrusting back and forth, she will use you like the cunt mouth you are. Eyes closed and struggling to breathe, you will be sweating and her actions will make your make up run all down your face.

Your mistress will be shouting from the side, making you suck better and whipping your ass. Calling you names like “cocksucker” “cum dump” and “spunk whore” while you get your mouth fucked. Faster and faster she will grind out on you till you feel her dick stiffen and then she will groan and pull your head in close as she orgasms. With her cock pulsing and shooting out gobs of thick cum, it will fill your mouth and make your cheeks bulge. Ordering you to swallow, She will pull you to your feet and smile at you. Then she will leave and you can totter off in your frilly dress and sissy panties clean up and fix your make up.

Being made to suck tranny cock is the ultimate humiliation for a prissy sissy like you but you will do as your mistress commands. IF she says you are to take every inch then you will get on your knees and open your mouth to receive that glorious big thick dick.


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